There’s still a little bit of summer left, but not much. Fall is creeping around the corner like some shambling monster ready to pounce unexpectedly. And so is our second issue of DARK WORLDS QUARTERLY! (Around the corner, that is – no shambling like a monster – though it is ready to pounce!)

We are a quarterly publication, we come out like the seasons do. Our Summer issue had excitement and novelty. Our second issue, like the season in which it appears, will be more pensive, perhaps more reflective. There will be ruminations on the end of things and an examination of things that make us ill at ease. But the Fall also has vibrant colours and our second issue will have that as well.

DARK WORLDS QUARTERLY Issue #2 has some fantastic stuff ready for it’s debut in the Fall of 2017.

In our second issue we will feature an article about Keith Laumer’s original BOLO stories. Written by G. W. Thomas this article will examine the original stories about the relics of war, the semi-autonomous tanks called BOLOS that Keith Laumer wrote in the 1960-s and 1970’s

ITHAQUA: The Wendigo and the Walker on the Winds examines August Derleth’s stories about the native North American myth of the Wendigo.

We will also feature an article about the science fiction stories of pulp writer Tom Curry, as well as an overview of Thorp McClusky’s tales of Commissioner Etheridge and Police Detective Peters, two city crime fighters who regularly come face-to-face with supernatural terrors.

All of this plus Cave men and women, big brained aliens, science fiction record albums, aliens, monsters and Phillip Wylie’s predictions about 2017 from the mid-1970’s. All this plus a few surpises we aren’t quite ready to reveal yet will be packed into our second issue. Keep watching this space for more details