Jerry Pournelle: 1933-2017

We are very saddened to report that Jerry Pournelle passed away in his sleep at his home in Studio City, CA.

A Science fiction writer, essayist and journalist, Jerry Eugene Pournelle was also a doctor of political science. A prolific author in his own right he was also a longtime collaborator with author Larry Niven with whom he wrote The Mote in God’s Eye (1975), Inferno (1976). Lucifer’s Hammer (1977), Footfall (1985), The Legacy of Heorot (1987) (with Steven Barnes), The Gripping Hand (1993), and many others. He was also the recipient of numerous awards including the John W. Campbell Award, the Heinlein Society Award and the National Space Society Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award “for lifetime achievement in promoting the goal of a free, spacefaring civilization.”

Jerry Pournelle was 84 years old