STAR WARS: The Last Jedi

Yeah, we know.

THE LAST JEDI is in theaters and everyone is talking about it. I mean, EVERYONE!. But, you see, that’s the problem.

We haven’t seen it yet. And we’ve been avoiding spoilers like crazy. I mean, avoiding them like they were typhoid.

Normally we would have posted a review from our resident pop culture expert and blogger extraordinaire, Calvin Heighton. However, in order to do that I would have to read it and, as I said, I am bending over backwards… I am practically burying my head in the sand (or, in my case, snow)… to avoid those pesky spoilers.

Calvin’s review, for those who have already seen it or aren’t too concerned about spoilers can be found here. Read his review and visit his fantastic site. It’ll be worth it.

As for us, well, we’re still working hard getting the final proofing done on the pages for DARK WORLDS QUARTERLY #3. Look for it soon.

And hopefully one of us will get to a theater and see the damn LAST JEDI so that we can talk about it and stop sticking our fingers in our ears and humming really loud.

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  1. Thanks for sending the smart kids over to the Cave of Cool. I am hoping you get to enjoy the film before too long because I really want to see what you think about it and talk about it with you.

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