DARK WORLDS QUARTERLY is a non-fiction magazine that examines the culture of science fiction, fantasy and horror. We publish essays, reviews, interviews and opinion pieces related specifically to any and all of those genres. While not quite a literary magazine, Dark Worlds Quarterly tries to maintain a certain quality of writing. That said, we do consider a wide range of approaches. We tend to fall somewhere in between Lapham’s Quarterly and Starlog Magazine.

The magazine’s current contributors are experienced, professional writers and are fairly prolific. However, we are open to accepting submissions.

We have two venues for material, the magazine itself and the accompanying website. Articles for the website tend to be shorter, punchier and more relating to current events. The pieces for the magazine tend to be longer, more considered and more research based (although if you are short on substance and long on style — if your writing is entertaining enough — we are willing to overlook a deficit of facts and research).

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT ANYTHING download and read at least one issue. It’s absolutely free and it will give you a better idea of what kind of material we are looking for.

You also need to be aware that at this time we do not have a budget to pay for articles, so there is no remuneration for your efforts. We will make an announcement on this page should that change, but for now, unfortunately, we simply do not have the budget for it.

If none of the above has dissuaded you and you still wish to submit something, you may submit completed articles or essays for review. We will also accept proposals for articles but we will need to see a sample of your writing before we commit to it.

You can send your articles or proposals to: gwthomas21 (at)

We are leery of attachments, so any submissions should be pasted into the body of your email. You should also let us know where you have been published before, any academic credentials or awards, etc.